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Ultimo Evento

26/27 novembre 2019, Acireale (Catania) - Antisala consiliare del Palazzo di città - evento di Tecniche della comunicazione tra i cittadini e il Corpo della Polizia municipale



Flag of Italybandiera franceseThe commander Massimo Lucca appraises and consider it of important value

corso cerimoniale militareThe last of five meetings about military ceremonial took place at the Sommaruga barracks. The meeting was organised by the National Association of Cavalry- provincial section of Catania (A.n.a.c) and supervised by the honorary president don Stefano Mario Coco duke of Mara together with the president of the local section Mario Mingiardi. It was held by professor Francesco Raneri, president of the National Ceremonial, Imagine and Communication Academy (A.n.c.i.c.).

At the end of the educational experience, they focused on the theme of the “Guard of Honour”, connected with the issue of military honours analysed during the course.

In particular, they focused on the position of the flag in relation with the authority of the military honours, of the presence or not of the national hymn, of the fanfare or the band, of the issue of the mandates, particularly entrusted in international relations which are also regulated by very strict protocols.

The educational event has given the opportunity to the participants to express their opinions about the course, which has been appreciated by everybody and highly valued because of its practical help.

The final message of the course is a promise to meet again in order to share educational moments on such a complex matter like the military ceremonial.

Miriam Di Bartolo

[translation by Giuliana Receputo]


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